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Metairie and Madisonville Workers’ Comp Attorney Bruce C. Betzer

If your Southeast Louisiana employer has refused to recognize how serious your workplace injury is, and declines or delays the workers’ compensation benefits that you and your family deserve, you need the assistance of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who can act – and act fast – on your behalf.

Experienced work injury lawyer Bruce C. Betzer can help. For 10 years of successful practice in Greater New Orleans, our law firm’s founder is dedicated to furthering the health and protecting the rights of our state’s workers – especially when you suffer a serious injury in the course of your duties.

Medical coverage, financial reimbursement, partial temporary and permanent disability – every step in the workers’ compensation legal process will be fully and clearly explained to you at every juncture of your case. We want you to be able to proceed with your physical recovery, so you can get back to your job, while Bruce C. Betzer brings the facts of your pain and suffering to your employer, and his or her insurer.

Don’t suffer your debilitating work injury in silence. Don’t continue to worry about whether your job will be waiting for you when you return to the workplace. Take action now to safeguard your interests by contacting Bruce C. Betzer’s Metairie law office.

The toll-free phone number to call is 866-603-3792. If your physical condition will not allow you to travel, attorney Betzer can arrange to come to you.

Protecting the Rights of Work Injury Victims Throughout Southeast Louisiana

Bruce C. Betzer has honest, accurate answers to questions like these at your free initial consultation:

  • Who should I report my injury to, and how soon?
  • Will my own doctor be allowed to examine me in addition to my company’s doctor?
  • Why has my workers’ compensation application been denied?
  • How do get reimbursed for expenses connected to my serious back, neck, head or spinal cord injury?
  • How soon can I expect to receive my benefits?
  • When must I file my formal claim?
  • If my injury is so serious that I can no longer do the job I once did, can I be trained to do something else?
  • What if another company caused my work injury?

The workers’ compensation claims legal process can be complex and confusing for an injury victim. It is not a do-it-yourself project. You have enough to think about while you recover from your workplace injury. Only an experienced workers’ comp specialist like Bruce C. Betzer can get the results that will put you back on your feet, physically and financially.

You will never meet as dedicated a workers’ rights advocate as Bruce C. Betzer. He knows what you are going through – and wants your employer and its insurance company to know it too. Contact him by phone, e-mail or fax to schedule your free consultation.

Call Toll Free – 866-603-3792

Metairie workers’ compensation attorney offers home, hospital and evening appointments, and maximum 24/7 availability to your concerns throughout your case. Call now.