Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious car and other motor vehicle accidents demand an experienced Metairie, Louisiana, car accident attorney. We have years of practice and an impressive track record representing clients who have suffered significant auto accident injuries in motor vehicle accidents (commercial and personal).

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If you are involved in a collision, immediately write down the other vehicle’s license plate, obtain the names of witnesses and write them down with contact information. Get medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. If possible, take pictures of your vehicle and the other vehicle involved. Take pictures of the location where the traffic accident took place. Claims investigators from the other driver’s insurance company or representatives of your own insurance company may contact you. Other than reporting your claim to your insurance company, you should not give them statements about the accident. Never accept a check at the scene of the collision. Immediately call a lawyer.

We begin to work as soon as you call. The initial phase of legal procedures following an automobile wreck or commercial truck crash is extremely important in order to avoid losing any important information that applies to your case. Attorney Bruce Betzer and his team:

  • Makes initial contact with your insurance company so the firm understands you are legally represented
  • Investigates your claim through police reports, photographs, witnesses, and experts such as accident reconstruction specialists
  • Ascertains if entities in addition to other drivers are at fault such as manufacturers of faulty equipment, owners of poorly maintained or lighted parking lots, etc.
  • Obtains medical records and works with medical experts to develop an initial prognosis
    Gains estimates regarding the cost of property damage

From rear end collisions to multi-vehicle pile ups involving commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, we get results. We work with physicians and other health care providers to assess and review all the short- and long-term medical aspects of your case. Our detailed understanding of Louisiana’s automobile, insurance and liability laws means we understand the different sources of recovery available to car accident or motorcycle accident victims and their families as well as the various theories of liability that enable those victims to collect from the parties who caused them harm.

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At the law office of Bruce C. Betzer, LLC, if your case is accepted, an experienced Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, vehicle collision lawyer, supported by qualified staff and experts in numerous fields, will fully investigate your Louisiana auto accident claim without any obligation to you. If we believe that your truck or car accident claim has merit, our Firm will aggressively represent you.

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